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I have found experience is the greatest teacher.  People  are very afraid of not knowing and looking bad because they don’t know.  They avoid making   mistakes which often means they are looking for head knowledge, not the depth of experiential wisdom.   

Any mentor will tell you, it is the failures that bring the depth of wisdom to us.  

When left to my own devices, I prefer to do experiential activities repeatedly as a way of educating and facilitating people in lasting change.   I love to watch someone go from what they “think” they know to realizing they were operating from conditioning, saying the right good thing.  Not wisdom.  Depth of experience.  

The products offered in this shop are mostly experiential in nature.  The more they are used the more you will learn, that you did not know was possible.  

The tools for Mental Health Professionals are to help you facilitate your clients change through experiential activities.  You too will gain more depth of wisdom in repeating the activities both for yourself and with your client.  

Thank you for visiting my shop.  Check back periodically as I add products.  This can be a slow process since I am always busy with a few projects at a time.  

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What experiences can you have today that will deepen your connection with your innate wisdom?  Further contributing to everyone and everything around you.  


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